Change the way your home is powered, 
GoSolar with Terra View Homes

Being a homeowner comes with great responsibility let’s make the environment one of them.

In Canada, residential living accounts for 14 percent of the total greenhouse gases produced. While energy performance and efficiency have improved significantly across the country in recent years, residential energy has still increased by 8.4 percent since 1990. This household carbon footprint calculator can assist you in determining just how much carbon dioxide comes from your house alone.

Going green has never made more sense, especially when it comes to your home. For nearly two decades, Terra View Homes has been pioneering green homebuilding practices in Canada. We understand the importance of incorporating sustainable and eco-friendly practices into every home we build, so our homeowners can feel confident in knowing they are diminishing their carbon footprint and lessening their environmental impact.

Introducing GoSolar by Terra View Homes.

With this exciting new program, we are offering a fully operational 4KW photovoltaic array on every new home in Hart Village — giving homeowners a chance to get in on the ground floor, and reap the benefits all the way to the roof.

All homes in our newly built Hart Village community are eligible to be equipped with solar panels to limit your family’s carbon footprint, while saving you $60,000 in energy fees based on an annual average over 30 years. Read more about the many benefits to going solar below:

5 Benefits to GoSolar with Terra View Homes:

  1. Save your green
    Hydro costs are on the rise, but yours don’t have to be. The addition of solar panel technology can dramatically reduce your total energy costs. Additionally, solar energy is both renewable and sustainable, making the future that much brighter. This system will produce roughly ⅓ of your home’s power needs while drastically reducing the cost to go full Net Zero in the future.
  2. Reduce pollution
    Using solar panels means less greenhouse gases among other pollutants in the air, which will play a significant part in addressing the climate crisis. This ripple effect means fewer health concerns surrounding pollution and less healthcare dollars spent
  3. Increased home value
    Adding a 4KW solar array to your home at the time of purchase will present multiple benefits. Enjoy a reduction in your electrical bills each month and feel good knowing you have added an asset to your home that will increase its resale value.
  4. Reduce water use
    Water is not needed to generate solar power. During production of other forms of energy, water is required for cooling; by using a solar panel you’ll greatly contribute to the conservation of water.
  5. Monitoring and smart home technology
    The 4kW modules paired with monitoring system will enable homeowners to view consumption, generation, and direction of energy flow: anytime, anywhere, in real-time, utilizing the ultimate smart home technology available today.

Make a statement with solar! Your home will encourage current and future homeowners to consider their own impact on the environment. We all need to work together to solve climate change and leading by example is the first step.

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