Get Winter Ready with Terra View Homes!

For some it may be a harsh reality, but a reality nonetheless – winter is coming! Don’t get caught in the cold; get your home winter ready today and save you and your family time, money, and energy.

At Terra View Homes, we are changing the way our communities experience winter, taking away the intimidation of the cold from the inside out. Our Net Zero Ready homes drastically reduce the costs associated with heating during the cold months by generating renewable energy year round. That means you can worry less, and focus more on what matters. 

Built on the premise of tranquility, our NiMa Trails and Hart Village communities are located in a winter paradise. It’s hard to dread the winter months when you’re surrounded by beautiful scenery, walking trails, and endless opportunities for outdoor adventures. By maximizing the potential of natural elements and minimizing the draw on resources needed for everyday life, you and your family can take winter by storm!

While we take some of the winter stress away, there are also some things you can do to ensure a smooth transition out of the fall season and into the colder months.

Here are some tips on how to get your home ready for winter: 

1. Have a professional check your heating:

Before the temperature drops, call in a professional to check your heating system and furnace! This will ensure that your furnace won’t fail when it’s needed most. We advise changing your furnace filter and cleaning your HRV/ERV filters on a regular basis to maintain your furnace’s efficiency. To make sure you’re kept warm all winter, our Net Zero Ready homes are powered by an ultra efficient heating and cooling system. These homes include both a High Efficiency (MPV) dual fuel furnace and an air-to-air heat pump that pulls heat from cold outdoor air, substantially reducing your carbon footprint as gas is not burned unless outdoor temperatures drop to well below freezing. While colder temperatures typically yield taking action on getting your furnace checked, we cannot stress enough the importance of annual preventative maintenance on your heating and cooling systems!

2. Inspect windows and doors for leaks:

Be careful, winter heating costs can skyrocket in the winter due to poorly insulated windows or doors! Check the frames around exterior windows and doors and seal any cracks or gaps with acrylic, latex or rubber caulking. You can also add or replace weather-stripping in either standard or tape format to prevent any unwanted airflow. With our Net Zero Ready Homes, all doors and windows are triple pane glass as well as being sealed with urethane foam and fully caulked to prevent drafts. Pairing this with our passive house level of airtight envelope sealing and increased levels of insulation means you can sleep soundly knowing old man winter can come knocking but can’t make his way in!

3. Clear out gutters and protect against ice dams:

As we head into winter, it is the perfect time to clear out your gutters to remove leaves, sticks, or anything else that can block the drainage of rain and melting snow to cause household leaks. You will also want to be mindful of ice dams, which are a build-up of ice on our roofs. The best solution to combat ice dams involves boosting attic insulation and ventilation. In our Net Zero Ready homes we not only use 5” seamless eavestroughs and construct an extremely airtight product, but we also install three layers of protection to prevent foundation leaks, protecting our homes from top to bottom. This system involves a fully tarred foundation wall wrapped in drainage membrane and a continuous layer of spray foam on the inside to reduce the chances of a leak taking place.

4. Turn off faucets outside:

When water isn’t drained, it’ll freeze, and your pipes can burst from the added pressure. Make sure to drain, disconnect and store your garden hose inside during the winter to save yourself from expensive and unnecessary water bills or potential floods. Did you know that each Net Zero Ready home is equipped with a 2 exterior hose bib with interior winter shut offs? This way you’ll be able to easily shut off and drain your water to prevent any pipe bursts or headaches.

5. Install storm/double paned windows:

If you currently live in an older home, you may want to consider adding storm windows or doors to increase the efficiency of your windows and minimize drafts. Our Net Zero Ready homes are constructed with triple pane windows and insulated fiberglass exterior doors, eliminating this extra step of preparing your home for the winter months.

6. Purchase a programmable thermostat or set your programmable thermostat to save on heating costs: 

In an older home with inefficient mechanical systems, it is wise to program your thermostat to cool at night or while you’re away—thereby reducing your energy demands. In a Net Zero Ready home, state-of-the-art mechanicals are designed to maintain comfort at all hours of the day whereby continuous air flows through completely sealed ducts.

7. Trim nearby trees:

Make sure to trim any trees or bushes close to your roof, driveway or windows. Snow and ice build-up can weigh down the tree branches, causing them to break and damage your property.

Let’s all have a stress free, cozy, and adventure filled winter this year! 

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