Terra View Homes Homeowner Spotlight – The Mir Family!

A year ago, the Mir family moved into their Terra View home! This month, we had the opportunity to connect with this lovely family to learn more about their experience as Terra View homeowners and why it was important for them to move into a Net Zero home.  

1. Which Terra View Homes community/development do you live in, and when did you move into your home?

We live in the Hart Village community, and we moved in September 2020.

2. What drew you to a Terra View Home?

We previously lived in a Net Zero home and loved it, but we lived far away from family. We knew it was time to move closer, but also knew we wanted to build another Net Zero home, so working with Terra View was a great option for us. We’ve chosen Net Zero homes because of how efficient they are at conserving electricity as well as their airtightness which helps with the heating and cooling of the home. Our goal is to always try and better our environment and we believe purchasing Net Zero homes is a great way to do our part. 

3. What is the biggest difference from your previous home?

To be honest, our previous home was only 2 years old when we sold it and it was also Net Zero, so there was not a huge difference. Both of our homes we have been very impressed with! 

4. What is your favourite part about your home? 

We love the contemporary style, and the quality of the home. I also love all the big windows and how much natural light enters the home. We also love the neighbourhood. 

5. What would you tell someone interested in purchasing a Terra View Custom Home?

I would tell them to make the move! Terra View has been outstanding to deal with from day one and everyone has been extremely helpful. They are very well built, quality homes. 

Interested in following in the Mir family’s footsteps and joining our communities? Visit our communities page to learn more. Currently a Terra View homeowner? To be featured in our next homeowner spotlight, please email Lisa at lisa@terra-view.com!