Buying a new home: new build vs. resale

When choosing between a brand new home or resale, the quick closing home is an ideal option for the homeowner who is in need of a new home faster than they are able to build one, and who recognizes the benefit of purchasing new construction that is turnkey. Quick closing homes are built in advance, with all (or most) of the features and fixtures already selected so it’s move-in ready.

Terra View Homes’ new Designer Series Homes offer a convenient, design-forward and sustainable solution to enhance your home buying journey. These quick closing, move-in ready and quality family homes are now available throughout Terra View’s Guelph communities — in Hart Village and coming soon to NiMa Trails.


Energy efficiency

Generally speaking, new builds are often more energy efficient than those that are resale. New construction homes are built with the latest technology, building practices and construction materials to meet or exceed energy efficient standards while keeping utility costs low compared to most older homes. Each Terra View Designer Series Home has been designed to a Net Zero Ready standard, offering a significantly more energy efficient option than traditionally built homes.



One of the biggest selling points for new build homes is that they require less maintenance than older homes that may have unknown wear and tear. Many resale homes in the Guelph area are over 40 years old, requiring lots of upkeep and regular, yearly maintenance. New construction homes are built in accordance with the latest building codes, safety regulations, techniques, and updated materials — giving you peace of mind of fewer unexpected out-of-pocket expenses. With a new home in Ontario, homes are also protected under a Tarion Warranty.


Brand new home systems

While some people are lucky enough to find resale homes where the furnace, water heater, and other big-ticket home comfort systems have all been recently updated or replaced, most come with older units. Buying a new home gives you the benefit of knowing you won’t have to invest in a new furnace or other major appliances for years to come.


Modern multifunctional floor plans and quality design features

With more people working from home, the need for hybrid spaces, bonus rooms and designated offices has become a top priority. The design of new homes have evolved to be more functional and better fit a home-centered lifestyle. When you purchase a Terra View Designer Series Home, you can feel confident knowing that a professional builder has chosen a high quality floor plan and filled the home with sensible upgrades to appeal to a wide range of buyers and their needs.


Convenience in a competitive market

A competitive market can mean that many homebuyers are forced to trade off between a home they want and a neighbourhood they love. Resale homes can also present themselves with costly bidding wars and high-priced offers. Terra View’s Designer Series Homes eliminate the need to compromise and offer a simple, transparent process to invest in the right home, right where you want it.


Higher resale value

In addition to offering a turnkey solution, a new home can provide a better long-term investment opportunity with higher resale value. While purchasing an older home may seem less expensive initially, the average cost of remodeling is often more than the value it adds to the home. Not only do new homes avoid the need for renovations, they also hold their value longer — making them a smart long-term investment.

Terra View Homes is making buying your dream home simpler than ever before and taking the guesswork out of building a home — so you can spend your time on the things that matter most. For more information about Terra View’s quick-closing Designer Series Homes, contact Shelley Barclay, Sales Professional, at (519) 249-9356 or


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