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Guide to Buying with Terra View


Path to Homeownership

Welcome to your new home build! Thank you for trusting Terra View to construct your next family home. We know this is an exciting time, please let us take this opportunity to review our next steps. Our team of highly skilled and experienced professionals are here to assist and guide you through your new home journey. The following will take place after you have firmed up your Agreement of Purchase and Sale (APS).

Terra View Custom Home

Important note on financing

You have seven or ten days (depending on home site) to have your offer reviewed by your lawyer and financial institution. We require a letter stating that based on your Agreement of Purchase and Sale (APS), your financing is approved. On your firm up date (7 or 10 days after the APS has been signed), we require 2 cheques. All information and amounts can be found on the first page of your Agreement of Purchase and Sale. The first cheque will be dated with your firm up date and the second is to be dated 60 days later. Both cheques are payable to Terra View Custom Homes Ltd. and are required at firm up.

Terra View's Homeownership Journey

Step One



Your Pre-Construction Review is a scheduled meeting with our New Home Sales Specialist at the model home. These meetings are typically an hour and a half to two hours in length. This is your opportunity to ask any questions about your floor plan and personalize your home with a list of upgrades provided, outlined and explained to you. Lighting, plumbing and any structural changes you plan to make are all discussed at this time. 

Your New Home Sales Specialist will prepare your pricing for review, then schedule a second meeting for you to finalize and sign off. This will be your final opportunity to make any changes to the Pre-Construction Review. Thank you in advance for taking the time to prepare for your meetings!

Step Two

Interior / Exterior

Design Meeting

For the next step, you will be contacted by our Interior Design Consultant to arrange a meeting and review the various interior and exterior selections available to you. This will be a two-hour guided tour of the Décor Centre to start making preliminary selections (There will be another opportunity for a full colour meeting following this design meeting). You will be provided price sheets specific to your home plan and will be guided through the samples of the included features and investment opportunities available. We have blank selection sheets available which allow you to note your preliminary selections. We recommend that you take notes regarding possible investment opportunities and colours you may wish to select as well as any questions you may have.

Nima Trails - Model Home - Ensuite

Once the introduction design meeting has been completed you will be contacted to arrange the colour selection meeting with our Interior Design Consultant (for the full colour meeting). The meeting will be scheduled three weeks from the Construction Review and is typically 2-3 hours. These meetings are scheduled for Monday to Friday either 9:30 am to 12:30 pm or 1:00 pm to 4:00 pm. At this meeting, you will confirm and finalize all finishes for your new home. We will review the cabinetry features, and you will have a chance to add features such as crown moulding and/or deep drawers. The meeting concludes with a full selection report, stating all finishes with pricing, to be reviewed and signed.

Step Three

Architectural Pre-construction

Plan review

Once you have signed off on your selections you will be contacted by our Architectural Designer to arrange a plan review meeting. The meeting is intended to discuss all the changes to your home selected at the construction review and design meeting, in addition to reviewing the lot grading plan. This meeting is generally one and a half hours and will be scheduled during normal office hours. This meeting takes place at our Head Office or virtually.

Following the Architectural Pre-Construction meeting final changes are made and construction will commence, once your construction start date is determined. Any changes beyond this meeting are highly discouraged and additional charges will apply at the discretion of the Architectural Designer.

  1. Tarion requires that we notify you of the commencement of construction and a notice will be emailed to you that footings have been installed.
  2. If any questions or concerns arise during construction our Customer Care Liaison will be able to provide some insight.

Please Note: There are minimum visits allowed to your home throughout construction as it is an active construction site. Visits must be a scheduled meeting. Our sales hosts are not able to take you through your new home during model home hours. We appreciate your understanding.

* This step does not apply for multi-unit residential buildings

Step Four



You will be contacted and a meeting will be scheduled to attend the Pre-Drywall Inspection which is held at your home with one of our construction team staff members (the meeting takes place just prior to the home being drywalled). The meeting is time sensitive due to the construction schedule and will be held during regular business hours. The aim of the meeting is for you to tour your home during the beginning stages of construction and ask any questions about the progress. At this time, you will not be able to add any new features or make any changes to the construction of your home.

Please Note: Safety is always a priority at Terra View Homes, and hard hats and safety boots are required for this visit. We do have an assortment of hard hats and safety boots available for your use at our model home.

Step Five

Final inspection

pre-delivery Inspection

Approximately one week prior to your closing date on an agreed upon time during normal business hours you will be given the opportunity to perform a thorough Pre-Delivery Inspection (PDI) of your home. As it is a construction site, children are not permitted to attend. Only the name(s) listed on the Agreement of Purchase and Sale are to attend this meeting.

The PDI meeting is for you to review your new home’s finishings to note any touch ups. You will also be given instruction on how the systems within your home function and general maintenance requirements. We do encourage you to familiarize yourself with all systems by reading all the manuals and care instructions. This meeting is conducted with either the Site Supervisor or our Customer Care Team and typically takes approximately three hours.

Any items noted that can be corrected prior to closing will be performed, however if an item requires more time or the reordering of products, a service repair may occur after your closing. The repair will automatically be added by the Site Supervisor or Customer Care Team to your Tarion PDI Warranty form at key handover on closing day.

Please Note: Safety is always a priority at Terra View Homes, and hard hats and safety boots are required for this visit. We do have an assortment of hard hats and safety boots available for your use at our model home.

Step Six

Prior to

Closing Day

Prior to your closing day you must set up all of your home accounts. 


For your utility accounts you will need to reach out to Alectra Utilities (hydro and water), Enbridge Gas (natural gas) and Reliance Home Comfort (hot water heater).

Internet / Cable / Phone

If you want internet and/or cable and phone you will need to contact Bell or Rogers for your service to be connected ahead of move in. Rogers does offer Terra View homeowners discounted service — to access call 1-800-397-7626 or email


You should also contact Canada Post about mail being transferred to your new home and to obtain a key to the super box located in the development.


The City of Guelph also uses large multi-stream garbage bins which is the only way garbage is collected. Please contact the City to have these bins provided (information on these bins is included in the package you receive at your PDI). With respect to your move-in garbage, please do not use our construction bins. If you see any dumping by others, kindly advise our on-site staff so we can return their garbage to them for their garbage to be properly sorted by the City.

Step Seven

Day of


Your lawyer will arrange a meeting with you prior to the day of closing to review all the final paperwork including the Statement of Adjustment, which our team provided prior to the closing date. This is always a busy day for you and the lawyers on both sides. Closing does involve the Land Registry Office, so the key transfer typically takes place later in the afternoon.

It is highly recommended to not book movers/deliveries until the day after closing. Due to insurance requirements, we cannot permit access to the home until we have been informed by our lawyer that the registration and funds have been transferred. Our Customer Care Team will contact you once closing has been confirmed and will make arrangements to transfer your new home keys to you.

Hollyoak B - Foyer

Step Eight

30-Day Tarion


Once you have submitted your first 30-day Tarion warranty submission, you will be contacted by either our Site Supervisor or our Customer Care Team to arrange a time to assess the items you have submitted.  Once the assessment meeting is completed and the number of workdays is determined by our site team, we will then contact you to schedule our service workday(s) to complete the warranted items.

Step Nine

Year-end Tarion


Again, once your 1-year submission has been sent to Tarion and upon our receipt of the form from Tarion, we will contact you to set up another assessment meeting at your home to review the submitted items.  Once the work that is required is determined, we will then schedule the necessary number of workdays and book that with you to have work completed. In summary there is a 30-day, 1-year, and 2-year list to be sent to Tarion by the homeowner. Tarion will send out reminders for submission.

Nima Trails - Model Home - Laundry