Hidden Benefits of Owning a Net Zero/Net Zero Ready Home

Net Zero and Net Zero Ready homes are designed to take energy efficiency to the next level. These homes produce as much clean energy as they consume, making Net Zero Ready homes 80% more efficient than standard new home builds, and Net Zero homes 100% more efficient.

When considering the many reasons to buy a Net Zero home, prospective buyers need to know about the hidden benefits, such as a 25% rebate on your insurance premium, exceptional comfort due to how thoughtful the build is, and the excellent resale value! These will be important factors to consider when searching for the perfect home.

25% rebate on your insurance premium

If you own a Net Zero home or have made energy-saving renovations, you may be eligible for a 25% rebate on your mortgage insurance premium. Not only will you be saving the planet by owning a Net Zero home, but your wallet will be saving as well. This refund is available through Sagen or Canada Mortgage and Housing Corporation (CMHC) which reward home buyers with significant savings.


Sagen, previously known as Genworth Canada, is Canada’s largest private mortgage insurance provider. They make owning a home more accessible to first-time homebuyers by offering a variety of different mortgage insurance products to lenders and brokers across Canada.


CMHC is a Crown corporation governed by a Board. They exist to help make housing affordable to everyone in Canada. They believe that everyone deserves to live with dignity in a house that’s affordable with a stable housing finance system.

Visit Sagen or CMHC to learn more about how you could save when owning a Net Zero home.

Comfort due to thoughtful build

Net Zero homes are designed to take comfortable living to the next level. Our homes incorporate several features to improve your comfort, such as: better air quality, stable temperatures, more natural light, and isolation from outdoor noise sources.

  • A built-in filtered air system that reduces allergens and common asthma triggers such as pollen and dust. This system continually exchanges the stale indoor air with fresh outside air.
  • Superior heating achieved with the use of heat pumps and energy management systems. This helps create more stable temperatures while also reducing energy consumption.
  • Design and construction influenced by passive solar design principles, optimizing natural daylight and making your home environment healthier.
  • Added comfort with triple pane windows blocking any cold air or drafts from entering your home, even with temperatures below zero. Plus, they are also soundproof!

Exceptional airtight insulation that uses R32 wall construction with 2” rigid exterior insulation, R60 in the ceilings, and R-10 insulation under slab and walls to R-28 in the basement. This creates consistent temperatures that prevent cold drafts in the winter and hot spells in the summer. It also helps reduce any external noise pollution making your home environment much quieter.

Net Zero homes are thoughtfully constructed to provide you with the most comfortable living conditions at an exceptional value.

Resale value

As Net Zero homes continue to grow in popularity so too will their resale value. Prospective homebuyers must remember that their home is their largest financial investment. Being able to find comfort in knowing that your investment will pay off and provide a high return is important. Net Zero homes offer a great tax incentive and lower operating costs as seen in the exceptionally low utility bill.

The Zero Energy Project presents a graph comparing the average total cost of ownership for two Net Zero homes in Oregon with comparable standard homes in the area over a 15-year period. In the Net Zero home, the cumulative benefit in energy cost savings over 15 years was $25,378! This information demonstrates how owning a Net Zero home is a wise investment for yourself and for the future of our planet.

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