Impact Report: Let’s Make the Environment Better, Together

Did you know? In just three years, we have worked together with our homeowners to save approximately 14 hot air balloons worth of CO2! We have achieved this through our commitment to sustainable practices and building to Net Zero standards, At Terra View Homes, we believe that it is our responsibility to lead by example and practice environmentally conscious building. As a sustainable builder, seeing the tangible results of our collective efforts is so rewarding! 

Here are some highlights of how we’ve already made an impact:

  1. The amount of CO2 we have reduced would have otherwise required 14 acres of forest to sequester emissions
  2. We’ve reduced operating costs by $28,050 
  3. The energy we have saved would be enough to operate 29 homes for a whole year continuously
  4. We’ve saved what is equivalent to 88,286 litres of gas – or 3 swimming pools full 

Here is how we expect to make an impact in the future:

  1. Reduce CO2 emissions by 1,377 (TCO2e), which would otherwise require 125 acres of forests to sequester emissions
  2. Reduce operating costs by $252,450 
  3. Reduce 27,540 GJ of energy, enough to continuously power 257 homes for a whole year
  4. Save what is equivalent to 794,576 litres of gas – or 13 swimming pools full 

To view our full Construction Performance Impact Report, click here. 

Much of what can be accredited to the success of our environmental impact is our commitment to building Net Zero/Ready homes. Our homeowners know the benefits of living Net Zero, but we believe that everyone should feel empowered to explore how their home features can work together to create a better living experience, save money, and minimize their household’s environmental footprint. With Terra View Homes, Net Zero living requires minimal maintenance, but for those few times you may have questions, we have easily accessible resources!

By visiting our YouTube channel, you will see there are a variety of helpful videos that address common questions homeowners have about their Net Zero/Ready home. Video topics include how-to’s on taking care of dehumidifiers, ERVs, furnaces, heat pumps, thermostats, and much more!

To learn more about our environmental impact, Net Zero/Ready Homes, and more, contact us!