Terra View Homes Homeowner Spotlight – The Purdie Family!

We take great pride in the homes we build, from our sleek, functional designs to our sustainable, environmentally-conscious approach to building. The best part of what we do is knowing the homeowners we work with love their Terra View home as much as we loved creating it in collaboration with them!

The Purdie family has graciously detailed their experience as Terra View homeowners and offered to share insight into what it’s been like joining our ever-growing Terra View Homes community!

 1. Which Terra View Homes community/development do you live in, and when did you move into your home?

Our family lives in a custom home built by Terra View. Our home is a replica (with interior and rear side changes) of the original 1884 house, designed by David Brix and initiated, processed and built by him and Andrew Lambden.

The road to project completion was very complicated and that required much of David’s personal time, along with the time of the Guelph Heritage Committee, city planners, committee of adjustments, and many others. The permitting took a couple of years; however, David Brix is a very patient person and the permits were in place for January 1st, 2017 when the tear down began. We took possession of our home on September 11th, 2017 and have happily occupied it for three years now.

 2. What drew you to a Terra View Home?

In addition to having an existing personal connection with Andrew Lambden through a friend of a friend, we have loved our experiences with Terra View from the beginning and that was one of the deciding factors that originally drew us to a Terra View Home.

Our beautiful home has great curb appeal, is extremely comfortable and energy efficient and is located conveniently in Downtown Guelph. The cost of our custom-built house was very, very reasonable. And with the personalized service from David Brix, Chris Woodhall, Charlene Staken and Andrew Lambden, we wanted for nothing. We truly cannot emphasize enough that any of our questions and queries were answered promptly by Terra View’s highly professional team.

Heading into this process, choices of materials and products seemed daunting. However, Charlene went over every finishing detail, from paint colours of our furnishings to interior and exterior finishes to brick and siding options, etc. Her experience and gentle advice was priceless. Chris made sure we knew what our options were in terms of product choices and pricing of materials and labour. Dave (the architect) covered off all the size and mechanical details of every room in the house. Landscaping was done to a basic standard, and we finished it off ourselves as Brenda requested her gardens be done personally. When we had an issue with the sewer, Terra View’s warranty specialist Jim McFadden was there for us.

The folks at Terra View are the best builders in Guelph and we couldn’t be happier that we followed through with our decision to work with them.

 3. What is the biggest difference from your previous home?

 Although our current and previous homes are similar in size, our Terra View Home is much more efficient and comfortable.

 4. What is your favourite part about your home?

 We love that our kitchen, dining room and living room areas are family-oriented. We also love our big windows that bring in lots of natural light throughout the day.

The front of our house sets the tone right away and is appealing from the curb at all angles!

5. What would you tell someone interested in purchasing a Terra View Custom Home?

 Do it! Absolutely do it.


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