Terra View Homes Homeowner Spotlight – The Wrixon Family!

We take pride in our modern designs and sustainable approaches, and our goal is always for homeowners to love their Terra View Homes, as much as we love building them! For this month’s blog, we asked the Wrixon family to share their experience as Terra View homeowners and what it’s been like joining our ever-growing community!

We’re Jen and Aaron Wrixon. I’m studying interior decorating and working with another Terra View resident at her home decor shop here in Guelph. Aaron is a busy freelance copywriter who you can usually find behind his computer early on weekday mornings—seriously, just wave at the front-of-house windows that line his office. Our wonderful kids Harper and Hadley are 13 and 9 and go to school—remember school?—around the corner.

1. Which Terra View Homes community/development do you live in, and when did you move into your home?

We moved to Hart Village in the middle of January 2020, into a Brookfield Elevation A.

2. What drew you to a Terra View Home?

We found an MLS listing for one of the spec homes and decided to drive into town to look at the model home. We all fell in love with the look right away. Being able to have a solar-powered home also really appealed to us. 

3. What is the biggest difference from your previous home?

We have twice as much space, and an open-concept style that we love. Our new home is also extremely energy-efficient—which is a lot more than we could say about the 45-year-old Burlington house we were previously in. We feel so much more comfortable knowing that everything is sealed up well and running more efficiently.

4. What is your favourite part about your home?

I LOVE my kitchen. And really my whole main floor. We always wanted a house we could easily entertain in. Can’t wait to do that again if this pandemic ever ends. Plus Aaron LOVES finally having a door in his office. 

5. What are some of your favourite activities to do as a family?

Maybe you could ask us this after this is all over? We’re going on 3 months of social distancing and spending everyday together. Haha. But seriously, we love camping in the summer, going for walks in Preservation Park, playing board games, baking, dancing to loud music, and watching decorating shows and family movies on Aaron’s stupidly large TV.

6. What would you tell someone interested in purchasing a Terra View Custom Home?

Do a little research first, because the process of making your selections can be overwhelming. Once you “start up the machine” it moves very fast, so it can be helpful if you have a rough idea of what you like—and don’t like—to bring to the table. That said, people like Shelley and Charlene are extremely supportive and can offer input and advice based on their experience.

You can also ask around… Talk to other people who live in your new neighbourhood to find out what they’re happy with and what they found challenging. But remember that you’re not building a fully CUSTOM home from the ground up; yes, the Terra View team is really accommodating, but no, you’re not going to be able to install a playground slide outside the second-story window. (Much to our daughter Hadley’s disappointment.)

Bottom line: we love our new house and our new neighbourhood, and EVERYONE—from David with the plans through to Brittany with her clipboard (not to mention Shane and his Willy Wonka-like ability to make magic happen)—was great. Thank you Terra View!

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