Net Zero and Net Zero Ready: What’s the Difference?

Net Zero and Net Zero Ready: What’s the Difference? 

With a goal to build more sustainable communities in Guelph, Terra View Homes is proud to provide Net Zero Ready homes for new homebuyers. The Net Zero lifestyle is a goal for many looking to live more sustainably by reducing energy consumption with deliberate building practices. If you’re in the market for a new home, you could be curious about what the difference is between Net Zero or Net Zero Ready homes. We’ve explained what you need to know in your search!   

Net Zero Homes balance energy consumption and production  

With a goal of achieving climate neutrality, a Net Zero Home seeks to reduce energy consumption and offset any energy demands with the use of natural resources such as sun or rain. A Net Zero Energy Home will account for all of the energy used for heating and cooling, lighting or ventilation, and household appliances through production with solar or other renewable energy systems. Solar panels, the most common renewable energy system in use for Net Zero Homes, will generate the electricity required for the home.  

While building a Net Zero Home can come with a higher upfront investment associated with building new infrastructure, the return on that investment will bring lower recurring costs due to a reduction in energy consumption — providing an opportunity to live in balance in a home built to the highest standard of energy efficiency.

Net Zero Ready Homes are extremely efficient  

Terra View Homes’ Net Zero Ready Homes are built to the same high standards of energy efficiency as Net Zero Homes. From the insulation to the windows, we achieve better air tightness and comfort to reduce the need for heating and cooling. Inside, smart appliances, lighting, and mechanical systems further improve its efficiency to use 80% less energy than a typical new home.

Although a Net Zero Ready Home won’t yet have renewable energy systems installed, it will have the necessary setup to take that next step with our full solar option. In the meantime, you are still living in comfort and reducing the amount of energy needed for your home. We build Net Zero Ready Homes so more people can choose the Net Zero lifestyle with a home that fits their lives right now.  

What’s the difference between Net Zero and Net Zero Ready? 

Both Net Zero and Net Zero Ready are more energy efficient homes compared to those built to current regulations and building codes, helping save you money in the long run. There are many benefits with Net Zero and Net Zero Ready Homes, so read more about it here. 

Net Zero Homes already have solar panels or other renewable energy systems installed, allowing you to step directly into a Net Zero lifestyle. As A Net Zero Ready homeowner, you can choose when you’re ready to upgrade into a fully Net Zero home. 

Net Zero is the way of the future

In the face of increasingly urgent climate concerns, choosing a Net Zero or Net Zero Ready Home is a smart move to make now to reduce your home’s energy consumption. You’ll be reducing your energy demands with a more efficiently-built home and saving money on utilities, ready for fully renewable energy sources. With Terra View, you can get a greener home without compromising on the quality or features. 

When you’re ready to take the next step towards more sustainable living, a Net Zero or a Net Zero Ready home from Terra View Homes is the right choice for living responsibly. Visit our website to learn more about how our approach makes zero compromises when it comes to comfortable living in the most environmentally friendly way, or follow us on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and Linkedin.