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Why Net Zero?

WHy buy a

Net Zero
ready home?

Net Zero Ready homes are an astonishing 80% more energy efficient than those constructed at the current regulated building code.

The additional benefits to the consumer are significant and measurable with increased savings seen through:

  • Reduced heat loss
  • Increased insulation values
  • Less water wastage
  • Heat recovery of exhausted air and waste water.
  • Future solar panels save resources and enable owner to offset consumption.
  • Environmental protection through use of low VOC products


*Based on average consumption and usage on a 2500 sq.ft. two storey home. All figures subject to change without notice. E. & O. E.

Nima Trails - Model Home - Kitchen

A Net Zero energy home produces as much energy as it uses on an annual basis, and in turn accounts for all of the energy used, including energy used for space heating, hot water production, air ventilation, air conditioning, appliances, lighting and all other household electrical consumption.

Hart Village - Woodlands C Model

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Net Zero Ready Efficiency

Net Zero Ready Homes are highly insulated and extremely air tight using R32 wall construction with 2” rigid exterior insulation and R60 in the ceilings. Other features found in Net Zero Ready homes are low VOC materials, paired with heat recovery ventilators to improve air quality.

Net Zero Ready incorporates all state-of-the-art mechanical and superior insulation systems when building, however does not include the physical solar panels. Design considerations and modifications are included in preparation for the installation of a future photovoltaic system.

  • Energy Star
  • Net Zero Ready
  • Net Zero
Energy Efficiency Standards Comparison Energy StarNet Zero ReadyNet Zero
Energy Efficiency Standards Comparison
Percentage of Increased energy efficiency over building code20%80%100%
Low Flow Plumbing
Triple Pane Windows
Blower Door Test
Tankless Water Heater
LED Lighting
Thicker Exterior Walls
Extra Insulation in Walls
Drain Water Heat Recovery System
Insulation Under-slab
Dual-Fuel Furnace and Air Source Heat Pump
Solar Panels
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Terra View’s Net Zero Ready homes will maximize the potential of natural elements such as sun, water and rain and minimizes the draw on resources needed for everyday life. Terra View’s goal is to create sustainable neighbourhoods and communities that protect our future generations.

Net Zero Ready Features Included in your Terra View Home

At Terra View Homes we believe that it is our responsibility to lead by example and practice environmentally conscious building. By incorporating sustainable and eco-friendly practices into every home, we are helping to lessen our impact on the environment and greatly diminish our homeowners’ carbon footprint. You can be assured that each home will be crafted to exacting industry environmental specifications to drastically reduce energy consumption.

Rough-in for future solar thermal or solar photovoltaic system

R60 insulation in ceilings

R32 insulation in walls

Low VOC wall paints and drywall

Triple-pane windows throughout

Eco-friendly LED lighting throughout

AeroBarrier - envelope sealing

Energy Recovery Ventilator uses high performance motors with very low power consumption for optimal ventilation

Airtight building enclosure via increased insulation in exterior walls, attic & basement

Ultra efficient heating & cooling system

Drain water heat recovery unit paired with condensing on-demand hot water heater

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