5 Home Trends We’re Looking Forward to in 2020

The start of a new decade is the perfect opportunity to update your home. What changes are you envisioning for your home this year? As an innovator in the building industry through construction, modern design and customization, Terra View prides itself on staying up to date on home and interior design trends. Heading into 2020, we’ve decided to share five … Read More

Terra View’s Winter Prep Checklist for Every Home

Winter is coming! Before we’re hit by the snow, below-freezing temperatures and higher utility bills, make sure to winterize your home. This will save you from damages and extra costs in the dead of winter. At Terra View, our quality homes are changing the way Canadians experience winter. Our Net Zero Ready homes will be taking energy efficiency (and comfort) … Read More

Local Builder Creating “Real Value” Homes for Guelph Residents

What you should know about net-zero homes While climate change failed to emerge as the defining issue of the October federal election, there was enough awareness on the subject amongst voters to help the Green Party triple their seat count in the House of Commons. Clearly, Canadians are becoming increasingly concerned about human impact on their local environment and the … Read More

Building for the future: Celebrating Guelph’s greenest community

Incorporating sustainable and eco-friendly practices into our environmentally conscious building philosophies has been our priority for over two decades. Pushing the green envelope in the homes that we build has become standard practice for us — and knowing that we are building for a better future is what motivates us to continue doing so. We’re proud to live and build … Read More

Guelph’s New Net-Zero Carbon Emission Home

The City of Guelph and TerraView Homes sold their first completely net zero output home. We were there looking at the state of the art home. Source  

Change the way your home is powered, 
GoSolar with Terra View Homes

Being a homeowner comes with great responsibility — let’s make the environment one of them. In Canada, residential living accounts for 14 percent of the total greenhouse gases produced. While energy performance and efficiency have improved significantly across the country in recent years, residential energy has still increased by 8.4 percent since 1990. This household carbon footprint calculator can assist … Read More

Healthier Communities Start with Clean Soil

Terra View is leading the way towards sustainable communities in many ways, one of which is using clean soil.   What is Clean Soil and What Are the Benefits?   Clean soil is composed only of organic matter, elements that are nutrient and mineral rich, and is free from chemicals and pesticides, meaning it is: Safer for kids and pets … Read More

Coming Soon: Canada’s First Carbon Neutral Condominium

It is important that we act now to make changes in our lives that will lead to a sustainable future and you can make that step now by purchasing a condo in Canada’s First Carbon Neutral Condominium. Terra Condos is a modern, socially responsible condo building that leaves zero carbon footprint. Terra’s environmentally conscious design emits zero carbon by drawing … Read More

GoSolar: Press Release from Terra View

For almost two decades, Terra View Homes has been pioneering green homebuilding practices in Canada. Today, Terra View Homes is excited to announce they are the first builder in Canada to offer 4kW solar modules on newly built homes in their Hart Village subdivision in Guelph*. This follows a long tradition of leading the way with environmentally conscious building initiatives. … Read More